Christening Cake for Lillymae



We were delighted to make this beautiful spray of lilies and roses for Lillymae’s christening this week

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  1. Victoria Stokes says:

    What a beautiful cake my daughter Lily Rose is going to be christened on the 24th June and I was wondering how much this cake is? Please would you let me know. I live in Leeds.

  2. Sue says:

    Hi Victoria, thanks for your comments!

    Our cake prices are generally based on the size and complexity of the decoration. This 9″ sponge would cost £65, or you could have a 9″ fruit cake for £100.

    We don’t have a delivery service for celebration cakes, but you can collect from the shop.


  3. Lucy Sympton says:

    The design of this cake is really awesome to me. Really I was looking forward to read about it. Love this entry. The white color of this cake makes me so hungry now. Thanks for this 😆

  4. Jhon says:

    oh wow, beautiful!if i had my cake to do over again, it would be taollty different and very simple. at my sister lele’s baby shower, i like how they did her cake. it was actually three cakes stacked on top of each other– carrot, red velvet and pina colada (or was one of them chocolate?). either way, it was a divine assortment of yumminess!

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