Here at Creative Cakecraft we can not only provide you with beautiful cakes and models, but we can teach you how to make them yourself!

We offer a wide range of courses, you can learn everything from making a sugar paste rose to Disney characters, or even how to make a complete wedding cake from start to finish.

Wedding Course Cake 1

Made by one of our students on the wedding cake class!


These courses are a fun way to learn how to make the perfect cake, or the perfect decoration. Some of the things you can learn are great for gifts.

Wedding Course Cake 2

Made by one of our students on the wedding cake class!

Private lessons are available throughout the year, weekdays and weekends. Lessons are priced at £50 for a one day course. The following courses are very popular:

  • Icing and Decorating a Wedding Cake
  • Icing a Sponge Cake
  • Making Flowers
  • Modelling Characters
  • Piping Embroidery and Writing
  • Decorating Cup Cakes

However we are always looking for new subjects and challenges! Whatever you would like to learn or practice please get in touch so we can discuss what you would like to make at a date that suits you!