Here at Creative Cakecraft we can not only provide you with beautiful cakes and models, but we can teach you how to make them yourself!

We offer a wide range of courses, you can learn everything from making a sugar paste rose to Disney characters, or even how to make a complete wedding cake from start to finish.

Wedding Course Cake 1

Made by one of our students on the wedding cake class!


These courses are a fun way to learn how to make the perfect cake, or the perfect decoration. Some of the things you can learn are great for gifts.

Wedding Course Cake 2

Made by one of our students on the wedding cake class!

Private lessons are available throughout the year, weekdays and  Saturdays. Lessons are priced at £50 for a one day course. The following courses are very popular:

  • Icing and Decorating a Wedding Cake
  • Icing a Sponge Cake
  • Making Flowers
  • Modelling Characters
  • Piping Embroidery and Writing
  • Decorating Cup Cakes

or if there is something specific that you would like to do just give me a call and we can book it in.

I also offer courses for children 10 and over accompanied by a parent these are priced at £25 per child and for £25 the parent can do the course as well.


These can be on a Saturday or a week day during the school holidays. The  course is for a maximum of 6 children 8 years and over, plus one adult for supervision. They will decorate 6 cup cakes with fun designs which they will be able to take home. each child will be given 6 cup cakes and the coloured icing and I will show them how to make them in to animals. the course will cost £15 per child and will last 2 hours 10am to 12pm  or 2pm to 4pm. I can also make an 8″ birthday cake for your child for just £50. I will require a deposit of £5 per child when booking this is non refundable.